Litigation - Tenders

Our firm accumulated unique experience and expertise in the tender litigation field. Our legal teams possess a broad understanding of the administrative law field, with particular expertise in the tender law field, as well as an in-depth understanding of the considerations at the basis of administrative entities’ decision-making process.

Our expert attorneys represent clients in complex litigation cases in the administrative and tender law fields, throughout all stages of the tender process. Our legal teams’ significant experience in representing clients from ‘both sides of the table’, both tender committees and tender bidders, enables them to strive to resolve disputes in the shortest amount of time, while utilizing the most advanced and creative legal tools tailored to the characteristics of each tender.

In this capacity, our attorneys provide ongoing legal counsel regarding appealing the tender’s conditions and results, as well as other proceedings held before tender committees. In addition, our legal teams represent clients before all courts and tribunals, including the High Court of Justice, as required by the circumstances of each case.

Among the firm’s clients in this field are public entities, leading local and international corporations, government ministries, government companies, food and retail chains, defense companies, municipalities, municipal and statutory corporations, and more.

"Exceptionally good lawyers. They are thorough, systematic and at the same time employ bold and surprising strategies and attacks."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"They master many areas of the law (securities law, anti trust, tenders, etc) and are extremely efficient in litigation of complex cases."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"A leading firm in Israel for dispute resolution."

The Legal 500 | 2020