Public International Law

Our firm possesses unique expertise in all aspects of Public International Law, advising leading local and international clients on a wide range of issues, including humanitarian law, human rights and international criminal law.  The firm’s attorneys accumulated significant experience in legal consultancy, legal research and litigation, as well as in representing international organizations, NGOs and other agencies. Our expert attorneys are often called upon to provide counsel regarding UN Geneva based agencies and international criminal procedure.

The legal teams specializing in the field provide multinational corporations with human rights risks assessments, performing due diligence on human rights issues as part of cross border commercial transactions. In addition, our attorneys advise on contract drafting and compliance with international regulations applicable to these transactions, examining the unique aspects of each transaction and its compliance with international law.

In addition, our attorneys advise clients regarding allegations of breaches of international criminal law, the application of international humanitarian law and homeland security issues. Our legal teams provide comprehensive legal services in the field, advising on questions of statehood, jurisdiction and the mandate of international organizations such as the UN and its subsidiary bodies, as well as international courts and tribunals. Our expert attorneys also assist in settlement of complex disputes involving public international law, and provide expert opinions on different aspects of public international law.

"Firm-wide, Goldfarb Seligman & Co. has a strong focus on international work, and is among the most experienced firms in Israel when it comes to representing international clients."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"Goldfarb Seligman & Co. has a firm-wide reputation for handling highly sensitive international work."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"A very outward and forward-looking firm with many lawyers having legal training in other countries."

The Legal 500 | 2020