Investigation, Hearings, and Inquiry Committees

Our firm possesses unique expertise and long years of experience in representing clients under investigation as part of hearings, inquiry committees, investigations and various legal proceedings. Our attorneys are involved in a considerable share of the significant proceedings in the field, and regularly represent senior figures in Israel’s business and public sectors, as well as senior executives of multinational corporations active in Israel.

The attorneys who specialize in the field represent clients investigations and legal proceedings which involve various alleged offenses, such as securities, taxation, antitrust and money laundering offenses; moral conduct offenses (fraud, breach of trust, bribery, negligence); environmental offenses; licensing and planning and construction offenses; defense and national security offenses; international offenses; corporate offenses; and more. Our legal teams provide discrete legal services at the highest professional level, fully protecting the client’s privacy throughout the process.

Alongside the above, our attorneys represent clients in government and military inquiry committees and in national security review committees requiring high level security clearance. The firm has represented numerous senior officials in inquiry and review committees, including the inquiry of the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre; the ‘Shamgar Commission’ which investigated the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin; the Israel Defense Forces Flotilla Disaster and Helicopter Disaster; the ‘Or Committee’ which investigated the events of October 2000 at the beginning of the Second Intifada; the ‘Zailer Committee’ which investigated the conduct of Israel’s senior police chiefs; The ‘Winograd Commission’ which investigated the Second Lebanon War; and more. The firm has also been involved in national security and extradition hearings, military inquiry committees, and more.

In addition, the firm accumulated extensive expertise in the legal representation of physicians in disciplinary and criminal proceedings, regarding alleged breach of the Physicians Ordinance (physicians’ regulations) as well as alleged criminal offenses. The attorneys represent physicians in all legal proceedings brought against them, including disciplinary proceedings before the Israel Ministry of Health, criminal inquiry and proceedings, and employer disciplinary proceedings. Our legal teams also possess significant experience in representing physicians in criminal proceedings held outside Israel, including various countries in Europe.

Our attorneys provide preventive legal counsel to various corporations, executives and individuals, and advise them throughout the implementation of preventive work methods and procedures designed to prevent the initiation of such proceedings. Among others, our firm advises on the implementation of corporate governance mechanisms in companies and provides ongoing counsel throughout internal investigations and enforcement procedures, while striving to minimize the impact of these processes on the client’s activity.

"Has a wealth of experience in cross-border criminal and corporate corruption investigations, extradition proceedings, military and defence inquiries, and criminal negligence matters."

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The Legal 500 | 2020

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"Offers expertise in criminal proceedings."

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