Distribution and Sales Agency Disputes

Our firm possesses significant expertise in managing commercial disputes and litigation proceedings in the distribution and sales agency field. Our attorneys’ extensive knowledge in the fields of distribution, franchise and sales agency law coupled with their stellar reputation enable them to resolve these disputes efficiently with optimal results for the client.

Our firm’s litigators represent clients in complex distribution and sales agency disputes, and are highly experienced in handling disputes related to termination of distribution and sales agency contracts, including in the absence of a written agreement; financial and commercial disputes; disputes regarding the interpretation of agreements including exclusivity and duration; and temporary injunctions.

Our litigators represent the firm’s clients in these matters before all courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court, as well as in local and international arbitration and mediation.

Among our clients in this field are suppliers, importers, distributors and sales agents, as well as leading local and international companies such as airlines; manufacturers in the defense, automobile, semiconductor, precision components, photographic and digital printing and medical device sectors; and more.

"Exceptionally good lawyers. They are thorough, systematic and at the same time employ bold and surprising strategies and attacks."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"A leading firm in Israel for dispute resolution."

The Legal 500 | 2020