Trusts and Estates

Our legal teams possess extensive experience in providing discrete advice to businessmen and high-net-worth individuals on composing and editing wills. In this capacity, our attorneys advise the client regarding intergenerational transfer planning, gift planning and succession planning, while taking into account every client’s specific and complex needs.

Our attorneys also serve as the estate managers, charged with notifying the heirs of the existence of the will, the distribution of the inheritance, and attending to any other matters mentioned in the will, as well as providing counsel throughout the distribution of capital and property according to the last testament of the client.



"Recognised as a leading firm for wealth transfer and tax planning among multi-generational families."

Chambers & Partners HNW | 2020

"Goldfarb Seligman & Co advises on international tax planning, asset protection, inheritance, voluntary disclosures and charitable giving."

Chambers & Partners | 2018

"Lawyers at the firm assist with contentious matters, such as tax controversies and inheritance disputes."

Chambers & Partners | 2018

"Their clients are prominent families who would have their choice of advisers, so the fact they choose this firm speaks volumes for its place in the Israeli market."

Chambers & Partners | 2018

"Advises domestic and international clients on the creation of trusts, succession planning and inter-generational transfer planning."

Chambers & Partners | 2017