Sports Law

Our firm possesses unique expertise in the Sports Law field and other related legal fields, including corporate and commercial law, administrative law, employment law, intellectual property, antitrust and more.

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the delicate and complex relationships between the various entities active in the sports field, and provide comprehensive legal services to a variety of clients in various sports, including negotiations, contracts, investment agreements, publicity agreements, marketing, sponsorship and more.

In addition, our legal teams represent clients before local and international sport bodies and judiciary panels, including FIFA, FIBA, the Israeli Football Federation, the Israeli Basketball Association and more. Our attorneys’ extensive experience and unique expertise in the litigation field in general, and in the sports law field in particular, enables them to strive to resolve disputes in the shortest amount of time, while utilizing the most advanced and creative legal tools.

Among our clients in this field are local and foreign sport clubs, sport organizations, athletes, local and foreign players, sport agents and more.