Defense Companies and Entities

Throughout the years, the firm has accumulated extensive experience in the legal representation of government and defense entities, advising on military and defense transactions and representing clients in various related legal proceedings. Many of the firm’s attorneys have the highest security clearance and extensive experience regarding the work of government, security and defense entities.

Goldfarb Seligman provides comprehensive consulting to companies in the defense industries regarding various issues and matters, including their conduct before the various regulatory authorities. The firm’s attorneys represent these companies in complex disputes and proceedings, including in tort claims filed by their employees, in proceedings relating to environmental law, including class actions under The Law For the Prevention of Environmental Hazards (civil actions) – 1992, and additional proceedings. Handling these proceedings sets many challenges, which originate, among others, from the complexity of the field and the reciprocal influences between these companies and the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The attorneys provide professional legal opinions to defense companies and entities, particularly regarding their internal conduct. The attorneys consult on aspects relating to the enforcement of the ban against bribing foreign public employees, and have drafted comprehensive ‘compliance programs’ for some clients, with the assistance of others. The attorneys represent the companies in legal proceedings with various defense aspects, including in the intellectual property field. In addition, the attorneys advise the companies on defense aspects relating to tender law, and also represent them in legal proceedings stemming from these matters.

Through the years, the attorneys have also advised these companies on the issuing of debentures and handled debt raising prospectus, while dealing with various defense-related aspects and contacting the relevant government authorities, while keeping the balance between the permitted and required disclosure under securities law, and between the confidential defense aspects. The attorneys have also conducted comprehensive due diligence which involved numerous defense aspects.

The firm’s legal teams provide legal consulting to executives of security and defense companies and high-ranking officers in sensitive and significant military justice proceedings, including criminal and disciplinary proceedings. In addition, the firm has been involved in national security hearings, extradition proceedings, military and security investigative committees, and more.



Yudi Levy

Founder, Chairman

Zvi Bar-Nathan

Vice Chairman