Kibbutzim and Cooperative Societies

Kibbutzim and cooperative societies are autonomous associations of individuals who desire to cooperate for their mutual benefit, and are highly prevalent in the Israeli municipal and business sectors. The firm’s attorneys who operate in this field possess extensive experience regarding the various legal aspects relevant to cooperative societies, and represent numerous Kibbutzim and cooperative societies in litigation and dispute resolution proceedings.

The attorneys also advise on regulation, agricultural law, environmental law, taxation, labor law, financing, refinancing, attribution of assets and capital, privatization, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, government contracts, and more.

The firm’s attorneys advise Kibbutzim and cooperative societies in the process of their establishment, including all regulatory requirements and the drafting of municipal by-laws, as well as in the various stages of their business development. The attorneys also advise leading financial entities regarding business activity relating to Kibbutzim and cooperative societies.