Municipalities and Local Councils

Goldfarb Seligman’s attorneys advise municipalities and local councils on a variety of matters, including administrative law, planning and construction, environmental law, and more.

The firm’s attorneys who specialize in municipal law closely accompany municipalities through all of their continuous and internal matters, including in all administrative law proceedings – in all courts of law and tribunals; provide legal consulting regarding tenders, licensing proceedings, and good governance issues; and accompany and advise on all contact with the relevant regulatory entities in the various fields and more. In addition, the attorneys advise the municipality’s economic companies and advise on municipal projects in various fields.

In addition, the firm’s attorneys who specialize in environmental law advise local councils regarding their statutory obligations deriving from environmental laws, including maintaining cleanliness obligations, waste burial obligations, the advancement of waste recycling, and more. In addition, the attorneys advise and guide the municipality through all of its activities and projects, including representation before the Israel Environmental Protection Ministry and the management of the municipality’s statutory obligations before various private sector entities.

Simultaneously, the firm’s attorneys consult on municipal taxation issues. The firm has accumulated significant knowledge which has led to prominent achievements and considerable savings for clients, in all matters relating to representation in legal proceedings regarding municipal taxation, including property tax, development fees and taxes, preceding and subsequent to their payment. The attorneys advise and provide legal consulting to local councils regarding the filing of objections, appeals, returning claims and various other legal proceedings regarding municipal tax obligations. As an inseparable part of the legal consulting of real estate projects, the attorneys examine the expected extent of the project’s development fees, and later on represent their clients before the local councils and municipal corporations, and in legal proceedings relating to these matters.