Corporate Finance

Goldfarb Seligman has accumulated extensive experience in the continuous consulting of clients regarding all aspects relating to corporate finance, including contractual and regulatory aspects, as well as disclosure aspects required for corporate finance. The firm’s attorneys regularly consult some of Israel’s largest and leading corporations, which accordingly, have widespread, diverse and complex financial activity.

The legal teams consult the corporation through all stages of the credit’s existence, from receiving the decision to raise capital and selecting the desired platform for capital raising, including public offerings, private offerings, securitization and sale of assets, loans from bank corporations and financial institutions, from Israel and abroad; through continuous consulting regarding the implementation of provisions of finance agreements; and negotiations with various types of lenders in order to suit the provisions of the finance agreement to the changing corporate setting.

In addition, the attorneys closely advise on all aspects relating to reporting regarding finance settlements (in regards to reporting corporations under the Israel Securities Law), while working in collaboration with the firm’s experts from the capital markets and securities practices.