Privatization of Government Companies

The firm’s attorneys advise on proceedings for the privatization of government companies, while providing comprehensive professional legal services in the fields of corporate law, capital markets, regulation, taxation, finance, labor law and more.

The firm’s attorneys have accumulated significant experience and a deep understanding of the complex issues which arise from these proceedings, as they represent government companies, the Government Companies Authority, and potential acquirers.

The firm’s experience in the field, together with the acquaintance and widespread work relations with the relevant regulatory authorities, enables the legal teams to provide strategic legal consulting at any time of the privatization proceedings.

The firm’s legal teams advise on initial public offerings in stock exchanges in Israel and worldwide, including drafting prospectus and all other relevant papers; advising on the preparation of the government company as a reporting corporation; consult on corporate governance at the privatization and subsequent to; advise on government rights, licenses and ‘gold shares’; represent clients in all contact with regulatory authorities, including the Government Companies Authority and other relevant government ministries; handle negotiations with the acquirer and other relevant entities in relation to the public offering; draft domestic and international agreements, while providing comprehensive consulting regarding security aspects and intellectual property aspects; and closely consult on issues relating to labor law, including regarding negotiations with the workers’ committees and the collective negotiations.



Yudi Levy

Founder, Chairman