Consulting Directors of Publicly Traded Companies

Our firm possesses unique professional expertise in complex securities and corporate law matters, and provide ongoing counsel to directors of dozens of public companies, both local and international.

We provide our clients – Boards of Directors, Directors and Senior Officials of Israel’s leading corporations and large international companies – comprehensive legal services tailored to their needs, including swift, effective counsel in complex situations where time is of the essence and an immediate response is required. In this capacity, our legal teams advise regarding the structure and composition of the Board of Directors; provide ongoing counsel and legal opinions both to the board as a whole and to its various members as individuals, including with regard to their legal obligations as board members; provide ongoing counsel regarding the formulation and implementation of decision-making procedures; advise regarding the establishment of special Board of Directors Committees, including Special Litigation Committees; provide strategic-legal counsel risk assessment and management; advise regarding executive compensation policies; represent the Board of Directors, Board Members and Senior Officials in various legal and administrative proceedings; and more.

The extensive knowledge accumulated by our firm in the corporate, securities, M&A and restructuring fields, alongside our close working relations with various entities in the private and public sectors, including regulatory authorities, allow our attorneys to provide clients with first rate strategic-legal counsel.

Alongside Goldfarb Seligman’s professional departments that are devoted to capital markets, securities and corporate governance, we operate a Professional Forum that is dedicated to keeping our firm’s clients abreast of all the updates to the often changing Israeli regulation relating to capital markets, securities and corporate matters. As part of the professional forums activities, our clients receive important updates, as well as lectures and seminars on regulation, directors’ duties, significant legislative amendments, and more.