Environmental Litigation

The firm provides comprehensive legal consulting and representation in administrative, criminal and civil proceedings relating to environmental law, held before the various enforcement authorities as well as before other entities.

In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the awareness of the environmental field in Israel and its effect on the activities of companies, organizations, public institutions, financial institutions, etc. In addition, reporting and disclosure obligations imposed on companies, including industrial companies, have grown, and so did the level of corporate transparency required regarding environmental issues. These and more, assist in making the information regarding environmental matters accessible to the general public.

The accessibility of the information, together with the growing awareness to environmental issues, encourage civil enforcement which is exhibited through the filing of various claims against commercial and industrial entities for environmental hazards, including civil-commercial claims, class actions and tort claims relating to exposure to hazardous materials, the contamination of drinking water, the contamination of sea water and more. In addition, the attorneys represent clients in criminal proceedings which relate to environmental law and advise interrogated individuals and defendants, among them are companies and corporate executives, through all stages of review and interrogations – beginning from the preliminary investigation stages and up to the filing of the indictment.

The attorneys’ experience and expertise relating to the regulatory provisions in the field enables them to integrate at various stages of the legal proceeding.

In addition, the attorneys represent clients in licensing proceedings stemming from environmental laws, including proceedings for requests of business licenses, air emission permits, water emission permits and toxins permits; the attorneys represent clients before the Israel Environmental Protection Ministry and the relevant authorities (local councils, municipalities, etc.) in the regularization of various environmental issues and in administrative proceedings stemming from environmental legislation, including in proceedings for imposing financial sanctions.

The attorneys also provide ongoing consulting, including professional opinions, regarding various aspects relating to the regularization of the activities of companies operating in the environmental field.