Environmental Law - Due Diligence

As part of advising on commercial transactions, including large-scale merger and acquisition transactions, the firm provides a skilled and experienced team which examines all legal aspects relating to the acquired company and its business activities.

The attorneys who specialize in the field possess extensive experience and significant acquaintance with the relevant regulatory provisions, which assist in serving client interests as early as in the preliminary stages of the business transaction. This is of crucial importance, beginning from identifying complex and sensitive issues relating to the transaction, through optimal risk management for the client and reducing costs in the stages of acquisition and finance.

The environmental due diligence examines business, financial and legal aspects, and operates to identify sources of potential revenue or potential loss for the acquiring company while assessing the probability of their occurrence, recognizes unique and significant trends, identifies liabilities and risks, and eventually creates a defense from future liabilities and legal actions. The importance of the environmental due diligence is especially evident in regards to industrial companies with pollution potential, real estate companies or infrastructure companies.

During the environmental due diligence process, the attorneys of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Department examine the reviewed company in relation to all of the environmental aspects of its activity, including regarding matters such as usages with a high potential for pollution, withholding environmental regulation requirements, exposure to legal proceeding in the environmental law field, environmental management of the company, etc.

After analyzing the identified risks and assessing the probability of their occurrence, the attorneys will assist in the implementation of their findings in the transaction’s contractual agreement.