Who’s Afraid of Erin Brockovich? The Full Toolbox for GCs When Environmental Litigation Knocks on the Door

25 July, 2021

What do you do when you receive an invitation to a hearing at the Ministry of Environmental Protection? How to properly prepare for a request for information under the Freedom of Information Law? Do’s and don’ts in response to a notice before a class action.
All of these and more concrete tools and recommendations, based on actual cases to address and reduce risks in environmental litigation and insights into the successful management of class actions related to environmental hazards.
In an age of increasing environmental lawsuits, we have compiled for you tools and methodologies based on the rich shared experience of Adv. Idit Reiter, Head of our Environmental Law and Sustainability Department and Adv. Hagit Blaiberg, Head of our Corporate, Administrative and Class Action Litigation Department.