Idit Reiter


Head Environmental Law and Sustainability Department

Adv. Reiter is Head of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Department and is considered as a pioneer and a renowned expert in the Israeli Environmental Law field.

During the last two decades, Adv. Reiter has accumulated significant reputation regarding the development of professional practice in the environmental law field, and possesses unique expertise relating to the advising of clients operating in the industrial sector, financial sector and business sectors, regarding complex issues in the field.

Adv. Reiter provides her clients with comprehensive legal consulting regarding environmental regulation issues (relating to air, water, sea, soil, noise, smell, hazardous materials, radiation, business licensing, perishable energy and renewable energy, planning and construction, public health and more). In addition, Adv. Reiter provides continuous consulting to companies regarding issues relating to sustainability and climate change; the implementation of environmental policies, environmental management systems and large-scale projects of  internal enforcement and preventive behavior; the drafting of policy programs for government ministries; advising financial institutions regarding environmental risk management; advising on real estate projects; advising national infrastructure government companies; advising environmental technology companies; advising on large-scale commercial transactions relating to environmental aspects and performing due diligence; criminal, administrative and civil litigation; and more. Many of the projects advised by Adv. Reiter are considered as precedents in regards to their innovativeness and scope.

As a leading individual in the environmental law field in Israel, Adv. Reiter is frequently called upon by government entities to take part in policy-making proceedings and advise on legislative initiatives and standardization for the regularization of environmental issues. In addition, Adv. Reiter frequently participates in professional conferences, courses and continuing education programs with significant reputation in the field. Throughout the years, Adv. Reiter has written prominent professional literature in the field.

Adv. Reiter was the first to establish a designated environmental law department at a commercial law firm in Israel, and was the first in Israel to be given partnership based on environmental law expertise.

Adv. Reiter’s significant contribution to the environmental law field has earned her recognition and public acclaim; in 2007, Adv. Reiter was recognized by TheMarker Magazine as one of the seven leading individuals in the environmental law field in Israel; in 2008, Adv. Reiter was recognized by Forbes Israel Magazine as one of the most influential individuals in the environmental law field. In addition, Adv. Reiter was appointed as special counsel to the committee of the ‘Environmental Life Achievement Award’ in honor of the state of Israel’s 60th year celebration.


LL.M., International Environmental Law, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 2000

During her LL.M. studies, Adv. Reiter was awarded a ‘Fulbright Scholarship’ from the U.S. Government and a full scholarship from George Washington University. As part of her studies, Adv. Reiter worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

LL.B., Tel Aviv University, 1996

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association, 1997