Environmental Law - Compliance Programs and Sustainability Policies

The firm’s attorneys advise clients and assist them in the implementation of compliance and business ethics programs, which enhance the corporation’s ability to integrate in its regulatory and community environment. The attorneys’ many years of international experience, together with their deep acquaintance with the domestic regulation, assist them in the formation of multidisciplinary plans which take into account various aspects and scenarios, including aspects relating to the business environment and the regulatory environment with which the companies deal with.

The firm’s attorneys possess extensive expertise regarding the implementation of management and internal environmental enforcement plans with aspects relating to environmental law, planning and construction, and safety aspects.

When required, the attorneys incorporate in their work professional environmental advisors in the fields of water, land and air contamination, hazardous materials, waste, ionized and non-ionized radiation and more, in order to ensure a comprehensive and encompassing plan.

In addition, the attorneys advise companies, including government companies, in the implementation of ‘sustainable’ organizational policies. Today, many organizations operate to implement ‘beyond the compliance standard’ – voluntary processes for the implementation of sustainable organizational policy, which addresses the manner in which the organization’s activity effects the environment, regarding its various aspects. A ‘sustainable’ organizational policy is an expression of a progressive social-environmental perception which acknowledges the importance of environmental issues in the modern business reality.

The implementation of sustainable policy is an essential stage in the company’s organizational reform, and its transformation into a leading company in its field.