TASE Issues of International Companies

In recent years, our firm is leading a unique market segment – TASE issues of international companies. Our firm is considered the go-to firm for international companies seeking to raise capital on the TASE, and has been providing ongoing counsel to a significant share of international companies issuing in Israel.

Our firm provides its clients in this field with comprehensive legal services, integrating long years of experience in various practice areas to provide top tier legal counsel. The firm’s clients benefit from a range of legal experts specializing in a broad array of fields, including capital markets, international transactions, tax, finance, corporate governance, litigation and more, who provide ongoing counsel to the clients throughout the process.

In addition, our attorneys represent clients before Israeli regulatory and institutional entities in relation to complex offerings, including negotiations with investors, underwriters, the Israel Securities Authority, TASE management, and more. The extensive, diverse expertise of our attorneys allows them to provide top tier legal services, striving to maximize the clients gains by identifying and creating the most appropriate capital raising framework for each client individually.