Individual Contracts, Agreements and Employee Plans

The firm’s Labor and Corporate Immigration Department possesses extensive expertise relating to individual work relations in general and individual labor contracts in particular. The department’s attorneys have significant experience which is reflected not only by their extensive knowledge of the legal framework, but also by their deep understanding of organizational and operational aspects and by their ability to suit clients’ requirements relating to labor contracts, to the existing business and legal environment.

The attorneys advise clients and draft labor contracts at various stages of the organizational life span, beginning from drafting labor contracts at the early stages of the company, through drafting suitable agreements for various corporate transformations, including public offerings and investment rounds, and through drafting agreements for  the termination of employment  due to acquisitions, mergers, or layoffs. The attorney’s diverse experience and their involvement in various transactions regarding labor relations, among other as part of corporate restructuring, investments, and mergers and acquisitions, enable them to provide their clients with comprehensive and creative legal and contractual solutions.

The department’s attorneys possess unique expertise regarding contractual agreements between senior executives and companies, both as part of labor contracts and as part of service agreements or consulting agreements. The department’s attorneys advise clients from the early stages of negotiations and until reaching a contractual agreement between the company and the senior executive. In addition, the attorneys advise companies and organization regarding proceedings for termination of employment of senior employees and executives.

The attorneys who specialize in labor and employment law operate in full collaboration with the attorneys who specialize in tax and executive compensation, regarding all matters relating to tax aspects and equity compensation plans; and also operate in full collaboration with the attorneys who specialize in capital markets and corporate governance, in regards to obtaining approvals and immediate reports required in relation to corporate executives in publicly traded companies. The extensive experience of the department’s attorneys enable them to take into account a wide range of scenarios and solutions, and suit them to the client’s needs in a sensitive and discrete manner.


"Good ability to work under pressure and not be affected by the opposing side’s attempts to misrepresent the subject under consideration."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"Knowledgeable and innovative professionals who respond to enquiries swiftly and efficiently."

Chambers & Partners | 2020

"Well-known employment practice offering extensive services for both domestic and international employers on a range of matters."

Chambers & Partners | 2019

"Very professional and always take notice of the smallest details."

Chambers & Partners | 2019

"Goldfarb Seligman & Co. represents corporate clients in union negotiations as well as in the labour court and assists multinationals with Israeli labour compliance."

The Legal 500 | 2018