Haim Berenson

Senior Partner

Labor and Corporate Immigration Department

Adv. Berenson, one of the leading labor law attorneys in Israel, is a senior partner in the Labor and Corporate Immigration Department.

Adv. Berenson has many years of experience and a pristine reputation in the labor law field and related practice areas, including disciplinary, administrative, civil and fiscal law.

Over the years, Adv. Berenson advised a wide variety of clients on diverse labor law matters, including higher education institutions, government companies, local municipalities, defense corporations, infrastructure companies, hi-tech companies and industrial corporations, as well as worker unions and organizations.

For over 20 years, Adv. Berenson wrote a weekly column on labor law in the financial supplement of the Haaretz daily newspaper and the business supplement of the daily newspaper Maariv, titled “Oved V’Maavid” (“Worker and Employer”). Adv. Berenson also writes articles and reviews of case law in professional journals, including the Labour Law Annual, Yeda Le’Meda, Netto+ and Vaadim, as well as on the major legal websites, Psak Din and Nevo.

Between 1965-1982, Adv. Berenson worked for some 17 years in the State Attorney Office, among others as the Ministry of Justice’s Labor Dispute Department Manager and Fiscal Department Manager, with a standing equivalent to that of a District Court Judge.

Between 1997-2007, Adv. Berenson, together with then President of the Supreme Court, Judge Aharon Barak, edited three volumes of the book known as the Berenson Book, published by Nevo in honor of his father, the late Supreme Court Judge, Zvi Berenson: “Dan Yachid” – an autobiography with selected case law (1997); “Bnei Svara” – 20 legal articles (2000); and “Golel” – eulogies and articles in his memory (2007).


LL.M., Hebrew University of Jerusalem

LL.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1965

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association, 1965