Betterment Tax and Municipal Tax

The firm possesses expertise and diverse experience in the fields of betterment tax, development tax, municipal tax and other mandatory municipal payments, during and subsequent to their payment. The firm’s experience in this field has led to significant achievement and substantial savings for its clients.

The attorneys possess extensive experience in the representation of clients regarding betterment tax requirements, beginning from the examination of the payment request, and through filing counter evaluations, filing appeals against the betterment tax charge, and also represent clients in all relevant courts of law. The attorneys advise the appraisers who handle the betterment tax on all legal and planning aspects involved. The experience and the extensive knowledge acquired in the field, the ability to thoroughly understand the various assessment-related issues, and the vast expertise regarding planning issues which frequently arise in these cases, have led to significant achievement for the firm’s clients.

The firm possesses significant experience regarding development tax. The firm’s attorneys represent clients in legal proceedings, before local councils and municipal corporations, while examining and challenging requirements to pay urban development tax and in reducing the scope of the charge, both regarding required payments relating to the development of projects and regarding initiated payments on behalf of the local council. The attorneys also examine the predicted scope of the development tax of future projects.

In addition, the legal teams have expertise and significant experience in the representation of clients in requirements of municipal tax charges – including in suiting the classification of decreased municipal tax to properties, challenging the legality of the charge and its scope, challenging the legality of municipal by-laws and municipal tax in all relevant courts of law.

The attorneys possess many years of experience and extensive working relations in the field of municipal taxation, and have expertise and skill in handling negotiations with the professional authorities within the local councils. As a result, their extensive experience has led to beneficial results and significant decreases through settlements, and without requiring legal measures.

"The group's broader offering includes handling property, betterment and development tax proceedings and land expropriation cases."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"Has a prolific transactional practice, and works closely with other departments within the firm to advise on tax and litigation issues."

Chambers & Partners | 2013



Levy Amitay

Managing Partner