Urban Renewal

Our firm possess unique expertise and extensive experience in leading complex urban renewal projects – TAMA 38 (the National Outline Plan for the reinforcement of buildings against earthquakes) and ‘Pinui-Binui’ (literally ‘evacuation and construction’) projects. Our firm is considered a market leader and our expert attorneys acquired a significant reputation in the field, serving as the contact of choice for entrepreneurs and private clients (apartment owners) who wish to initiate such projects.

Our firm handles a significant portion of Israel’s urban renewal projects, with an estimated combined value of tens of billions of ILS. Our attorneys represent developers in the field vis-à-vis tenants as well as before financing entities, administrative authorities and the Israel Land Authority; and represent tenants in large-scale urban renewal projects.

Advising clients regarding these projects requires a broad understanding of real estate processes and the flexibility to adjust to each project’s unique characteristics, as well as significant legal expertise in real estate, planning and construction, finance and more. As a result, our clients in the field benefit from the services of multi-practice legal teams which handle all aspects of the project, identifying each project’s unique challenges and providing tailored solutions for overcoming each challenge. In this capacity, our attorneys provide comprehensive legal services throughout all the stages of urban renewal projects, including acquisition, bidding, planning, licensing, development, construction and marketing of the projects; and represent clients before the various administrative authorities.

The legal counsel provided to urban renewal projects is multifaceted, addressing each project’s unique challenges, starting from the broad national policy perspective and down to the local planning policy pertaining to a specific project. The attorneys review all aspects of each project, from the rulings and administrative decisions of the country’s planning institutions at the highest echelon, through the local policy in each zoning district, to the individual facets of each project, continuously following the rapid legal developments in the field. In this capacity, our legal teams provide ongoing counsel from the initial planning and development stages of the project, including examining planning and tax aspects; forming the outline of the transaction; drafting partnership agreements among the plot owners; drafting agreements between the plot owners and the developer; advising regarding the financing aspects of the project; drafting agreements with advisors and contractors; and the final registration of the project and apartment owner rights after its construction is complete.

In addition, our firm possesses extensive experience in real estate disputes relating to urban renewal projects, including representing our clients before various courts and planning councils. In this capacity, the firm’s attorneys negotiate ‘Pinui-Binui’ agreements with tenants and apartment owners, and represent clients in legal proceedings against ‘land invaders’ and tenants claiming protected residency and various rights to the land. Concurrently, our expert attorneys lead various other litigation proceedings, including appellate procedures and claims against tenants. Our firm also handles claims against tenants who refuse to sign agreements and plans for the advancement of urban renewal projects alongside their neighbors.

"Handles a high volume of NOP 38 and evacuation-construction projects in Israel, where it acts for all parties, including apartment owners and contractors."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"The group's broader offering includes assisting with major urban renewal projects."

The Legal 500 | 2020

"Highly experienced team of real estate experts, frequently selected to represent major public and private industry players."

Chambers & Partners | 2019

"Particularly well known for its involvement in urban renewal projects."

Chambers & Partners | 2018

"Notably active on significant urban renewal projects."

Chambers & Partners | 2017