Real Estate Finance

Our firm possesses significant expertise in advising on complex real estate finance agreements requiring in-depth knowledge of real estate financing models. Over the years, the firm led some of Israel’s largest and most complex real estate financing transactions, amounting to billions of ILS.

Our expert attorneys advise clients with regard to a broad array of financing transactions and models. In this capacity, our attorneys represent clients before financing entities, draft the financing agreements and cooperate with other related local and foreign experts. Our legal teams advise prominent clients from ‘both sides of the table’, banks and other financial entities on the one hand and Israel’s largest real estate and construction corporations on the other. This enables our attorneys to anticipate and address the needs and objectives of all parties to a transaction, providing comprehensive legal-strategic counsel considering all commercial and economic aspects of each financing transaction and tailoring the finance model to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Among our clients in this field are some of Israel’s largest corporations in the real estate and construction field, major international companies, local and foreign banks, financial institutions, and others.