Industrial Food Companies

Our firm possesses unique expertise regarding the legal aspects of manufacture, advertisement, marketing and sale of industrial food products, in Israel and abroad.

Our legal teams have a deep understanding of the unique laws that apply to the food industry, particularly with regard to the manufacture, sale and marketing of these consumer goods. In addition, our attorneys possess a broad expertise in all regulations relating to the food industry, including specific legislation that directly applies to various aspects of corporate activity in the field (such as public health legislation relating to food and restrictions upon advertising alcoholic products).

Our attorneys’ extensive regulatory knowledge, alongside their in-depth understanding of local food laws, enable them to provide comprehensive legal counsel to their clients, examining all legal aspects of the complex regulations governing the activity of food companies.

Among our clients in this field are leading local and multinational corporations as well as well-known international brands active in various segments of the food industry, including dairy products and substitutes, light beverages, beer, wine and more.