Regulation - Telecommunications

Our firm provides comprehensive counsel and representation to a wide variety of entities and corporations regarding regulatory matters. In this regard, our legal teams possess unique expertise in advising companies and entities operating in the media and telecommunications sector.

Our firm provides ongoing legal counsel to a wide variety of leading corporations which operate in the media, telecommunications, content and broadcasting fields. Our attorneys advise clients regarding complex regulatory matters, including licensing of media entities, obtaining special permits and approvals from the Ministry of Communications, transfers of control, cellular licenses, broadcasting, trade in communications equipment, internet, and more. In addition, our attorneys represent clients before the Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting Council and the Second Authority for Television and Radio.

Our legal teams accumulated significant experience in the field, and possess an intricate understanding of the unique needs of their media and telecommunications clients. Over the years, our attorneys developed wide ranging connections with investors and entities operating in the field, as well as extensive work relations with the relevant regulatory authorities. The firm possesses unique expertise in providing legal counsel related to licensing under telecommunication laws, drafting IP and content production agreements, and various other regulatory matters, as well as formulating rules for regulating the conduct of supervised entities. In addition, the attorneys who specialize in the media and telecommunications regulation field manage large scale regulatory compliance projects in various fields, including privacy protection, data security (vis-à-vis the Privacy Protection Authority), and more. In this capacity, our legal teams advise corporations and investors in media entities regarding the regulatory aspects of transactions subject to the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting), 1982, and provide ongoing counsel to various entities subject to the extensive regulation in the media and telecommunications field with regard to adapting their commercial activity to the evolving regulatory environment.

As part of the firm’s regulatory expertise, our attorneys advise local and multinational corporations operating in Israel and abroad. In addition, our legal teams provide expert counsel on formulating and executing transactions subject to regulatory rules, working closely with regulatory entities, as the need arises.