Financial Regulation and Enforcement

Goldfarb Seligman provides comprehensive legal consulting and represents a variety of entities in all aspects of economic regulation. Among others, the firm’s attorneys represent clients in hearings regarding the setting of regulations by the Israeli Bank Supervisor and the Commissioner of Capital Market, Insurance and Savings. In addition, the attorneys advise on the implementation of regulations in supervised companies through versatile methods, and form internal enforcement plans.

The firm provides legal services through all stages of the regulatory process, and represents clients before regulatory authorities in administrative enforcement proceedings, criminal proceedings, and in civil proceedings relating to economic regulation.

In addition, our attorneys advise banks, financial institutions and public companies regarding the regulatory aspects of their activity, including the prohibition of money laundering, the purchase of bonds, the provision of collateral, syndication loans, equity requirements, obtaining permits and licenses from the Bank of Israel and other regulatory authorities, consortium arrangements, various financial services, etc. Our legal teams also provide ongoing counsel to leading international financial corporations and institutions as part of their activity in Israel, including representing clients before the relevant Israeli authorities, such as the Israel Securities Authority, the Commissioner of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority, the Bank of Israel, and more.