Registration and Protection of Trademarks (Brands), Patents, Designs and Copyrights

Our attorneys possess unique expertise in the registration and protection of trademarks and designs.

Our legal teams provide comprehensive legal-strategic counsel in the field, tailored to the needs of each client. Our attorneys advise clients throughout the process, from choosing and checking the brand name, through building an intellectual property portfolio and patent and copyright strategy, to registration and enforcement of trademarks, domain names, designs and copyrights before the Israel Patent Office.

Our firm proactively protects its clients’ intellectual property assets from illegal copy or unfair competition. Our attorneys manage a comprehensive strategy for brand, reputation and intellectual property protection, including preventing import of counterfeit goods and filing complaints on counterfeit goods (toys, clothes, consumer products and more), removing infringing content from websites and domain name enforcement, as well as trademark, copyright and design violations. In this capacity, our legal teams act in concert with customs authorities, Israeli police and other enforcement authorities, and if the need arises file lawsuits deliberated before various courts and tribunals.

In the international arena, our attorneys work closely with leading law firms in various jurisdictions in order to best protect our clients’ intellectual property assets. In this capacity, our legal teams register and remove trademarks and designs as well as handle infringements, passing off, dilution, counterfeiting and parallel imports across the globe.

Among our clients in this field are start-ups, industrial corporations, hi-tech companies, bio-med companies, food companies and more.