Antitrust and Competition Enforcement Proceedings

Our antitrust and competition attorneys provide professional legal counsel to clients, both as defendants and as plaintiffs, throughout administrative, civil, and criminal enforcement proceedings in the field. The firm accumulated extensive experience in representing clients in a wide variety of antitrust and competition proceedings, including cartel allegations, abuse of dominance and monopolization, restrictive agreements, and more.

Our legal teams represent clients in various proceedings vis-à-vis the Israel Competition Authority and other government entities, including antitrust violation complaints to the Competition Authority (both as plaintiffs and defendants), administrative proceedings, monetary sanctions, requests for information, administrative enforcement proceedings, fines, and more.

In addition, our attorneys represent clients in legal proceedings held before Antitrust Tribunals and civilian courts related to antitrust claims. In this capacity, our legal teams provide ongoing counsel and representation to leading corporations, including some of the largest corporations in the Israeli market, in relation to antitrust and competition laws and various investigations and examinations conducted by the Israel Competition Authority.

Our firm also possesses extensive experience in representing corporations and company officials in criminal antitrust enforcement proceedings. Our attorneys advise clients from the initial stages of the investigation, and throughout the legal process.