Ongoing Counsel - Antitrust

Our Antitrust and Competition Department specializes in providing legal counsel in relation to complex antitrust and competition matters. The depth of understanding of our attorneys, alongside their close working relations with the various regulatory authorities, allows them to provide the highest level of strategic-legal counsel. Our firm is renowned for its unique antitrust, regulation and competition expertise in various fields, including (among others) banking, insurance, food, retail, technology, telecommunications, transport, and more, as well as its exceptional knowledge of the Promotion of Competition in the Food Industry Law, 2014 (the “Food Law”) and the Law for Promoting Competition and Reducing Concentration, 2013 (the “Concentration Law”).

Our legal teams provide ongoing counsel to leading corporations on their day to day activity, and advise companies’ boards of directors on the legal-competitive aspects of their activity. Among others, our attorneys provide ongoing counsel regarding the antitrust and competition aspects of large-scale transactions, joint ventures, tenders and other processes, and frequently advise clients with regard to activities related to monopolies, restrictive agreements and mergers. In addition, our attorneys regularly provide complex legal opinions on various Israeli competition aspects in relation to a wide variety of matters, including day to day commercial activity, new business ventures, joint ventures, information transfer, and more. In this regard, our legal teams provide legal opinions regarding restrictive agreements, both in cases in which the approval of the Competition Authority is required and in cases in which the agreement may be implemented on the basis of a self-assessment.

In addition, our expert competition and antirust attorneys build internal compliance programs tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our legal teams conduct in-depth examinations of the client’s commercial activity in light of the Economic Competition Law, including examining agreements, documents, and interviews with company officials. Our attorneys then draft a statement of principles and a detailed internal compliance program to ensure compliance with the requirements of the law, tailored to the commercial activity of the client.

"Prominent firm with a strong team that serves significant clients in competition and antitrust mandates."

Chambers & Partners | 2020

"Effort, diligence and exceptional knowledge in the field of competition law."

Chambers & Partners | 2020

"Well versed in engaging with the ICA, including submitting merger notices."

Chambers & Partners | 2020

"Highly dedicated to the success of their clients, promptly responding to any request or enquiry with clear legal counsel that takes into account the broader business perspective."

Chambers & Partners | 2020

"With particular strengths in merger control and complex regulatory issues, Goldfarb Seligman & Co.'s antitrust department has been involved in many of the market's largest deals, especially within heavily regulated sectors such as banking and telecoms."

The Legal 500 | 2019