Hagit Blaiberg

Hagit Blaiberg


Corporate, Administrative and Class Action Litigation Department

Adv. Blaiberg is the Head of the Corporate, Administrative and Class Action Litigation Department, and is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.

Adv. Blaiberg possesses extensive experience regarding complex commercial disputes, and has unique expertise relating to corporate litigation and securities litigation, including shareholder disputes, and to internet litigation, class actions and derivative actions. Adv. Blaiberg represents clients in an array of complex litigation proceedings in all courts of law and tribunals, as well as in complex arbitration and mediation proceedings. Adv. Blaiberg possesses extensive experience regarding shareholders, debenture-holders and creditors settlements in companies, and frequently represents clients in insolvency proceedings, including liquidation and receivership proceedings.

Adv. Blaiberg is a renowned expert in internet law. Adv. Blaiberg represents search-engines and large corporations which operate in the technology and internet fields, in litigation proceeding and various commercial disputes, and possesses great knowledge of the foreign legislation and rulings in the field, which Israeli courts address while deciding their verdicts.  

Adv. Blaiberg possesses significant reputation regarding the representation of some of Israel's leading corporations, shareholders and corporate executives, which operate in various fields, in proceedings relating to derivative actions. Adv. Blaiberg also represents Israeli and foreign corporations and corporate executives having class actions brought against them, regarding corporate and securities law, insurance law, consumer protection law, antitrust law, discrimination prohibition and more.  Her many years of experience in the field serves her clients through filing requests for approval of the claim as a class action and when required, through the class action itself and through the attempts to resolve the dispute in order to minimize the corporation's exposure to financial and reputational damage. 

Among Adv. Blaiberg's clients are Israeli and international private and public companies, which operate in the fields of communications and telecommunications, technology, banking, retail, internet and more; and she also represents the directors, senior executives and shareholders of these companies.  

Adv. Blaiberg possesses significant reputation as a mediator and arbitrator of complex business disputes which involve large scale capital. In the past, Adv. Blaiberg served as the chairman of the arbitration committee of the Israel Bar Association and as the academic coordinator of the arbitration institute of the Israel Bar Association.  

Alongside her professional work, Adv. Blaiberg lectures at academic institutions and professional forums, and also serves as a lecturer on behalf of the Israel Bar Association in her fields of expertise, among them are civil procedure, contract law, commercial litigation, debt restructuring, arbitration, the enforcement of foreign verdicts, and more.   


LL.B., Tel Aviv University, 1993

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association,  1994



Corporate, Administrative and Class Actions Litigation Department