Sagit Shoval-Moked


Tax Department

Adv. Shoval – Moked is a partner in the Tax Department. She specializes in executive compensation in private and public companies from all sectors and in employee option plans and other capital compensation plans for employees, and provides comprehensive counsel in the fields of taxation, corporate law and securities.

Adv. Shoval – Moked handles issues relating to executive compensation and capital compensation for employees and directors arising from complex corporate transactions, including merger and acquisition transactions and corporate restructuring. Adv. Shoval – Moked advises board members on proceedings for the approval of executive employment conditions, which are highly regulated, and advises executives from the business and private sectors regarding employment negotiations.

Adv. Shoval – Moked also specializes in the drafting of complex and versatile compensation programs, including capital compensation programs (employee option programs, restricted shares, and RSUs), for Israeli and international companies, and in obtaining required approvals from the various regulatory entities. She specializes in advising and providing solutions for various matters related to employee capital compensation, including with regard to relocation situations, complex transactions, dual citizenship and more.

Among Adv. Shoval – Moked’s clients are leading financial institutions (banks and insurance companies), as well as various private start-ups that operate in a variety of fields and leading public companies listed for trade in Israel, the US, Australia, and Canada.

In the past, Adv. Shoval – Moked advised on the taxation of options as part of the international accounting firm Ernst and Young.


LL.M. (magna cum laude), Corporate Law, New York University, 2003

Certified as part of the Law and Business Program, Business School of New York University, 2003

LL.B. (magna cum laude), The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, 1998

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association, 2000

New York Bar Association, 2004