Nilly Zohar

Of Counsel

Adv. Zohar is a renowned expert in the mediation field, and heads the boutique law firm within the firm which specializes in mediation, which has extensive reputation in the family law and labor law fields, as well as in the commercial-business sector.

Adv. Zohar handles complex and sensitive mediation proceedings relating to divorce disputes, including child custody disputes and child support disputes; inheritance disputes; business disputes; labor and employment law disputes and more. The results of these disputes have a crucial effect on the family unit, the occupational future and the financial future of all parties involved.

Adv. Zohar’s many years of experience enables her to examine, even in the early stages of the dispute, whether it will be possible to settle the dispute through mediation or through other alternative measures of dispute resolution. Adv. Zohar then handles the mediation proceeding, through all various stages and aspects, until reaching a settlement between the parties involved and approving it with the courts.

Adv. Zohar possesses sixteen years of professional experience in the mediation field. This experience, together with her legal-business-financial insight, enable Adv. Zohar to utilize various creative tools in order to resolve the dispute through dialogue.

Among Adv. Zohar’s clients are, among others, businessmen and executives from the private and public sector. In addition, Adv. Zohar serves as an expert to whom various courts turn the disputes brought before them to, for the examination of the possibility to settle the dispute through alternative measures.

Alongside her various professional practices, Adv. Zohar lectures at higher education institutions, including in the ‘Ono Academic College’; lectures at mediation teaching institutions, recognized by the Israel Ministry of Justice; and lectures at professional forums, including ones of the Israel Bar Association. Adv. Zohar teaches the instructions of mediation, on various levels of depth and complexity, beginning from basic mediation courses, through instructing on the practicum on behalf of the Israel Ministry of Justice and through lecturing on the mediation field at various academic and professional forums.


LL.B., Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan.

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association, 1991