Warming… Warming… Hot! Legal Climate Risk Map for 2022

15 February, 2022

Insurance companies, banks, institutional bodies, industry, the supply chain and even the technology giants – all the different sectors are exposed to the risks arising from the climate crisis.
Climate risks pose unique and complex challenges. Along with the slow and lacking regulations, many are losing patience, and are looking for an alternative battlefield to combat climate change. In recent years, diverse and wide-ranging climate claims have been growing in the courts of the world, and there are first appearances in Israel.

We will embark on a journey through the emerging regulation, rulings and huge claims that are shaping and defining climate law; through the responsibility of states towards their citizens; the responsibility placed upon energy giants; the huge floods in the logistic centers of the world’s largest retailers; to the claims that can drown boards of directors.
What is the legal climate risk map for 2022? What are the ways of coping?