Responsibility of the Board of Directors in the Event of Extreme Changes in the Business Environment

13 June, 2022

The world today is changing at a dizzying pace, we live alongside extreme, swift changes in political, environmental, governmental, regulatory and other aspects.
In light of these changes, what is the responsibility of the Board of Directors? Can the Board prepare for such changes and how?

Adv. Aaron Michaeli, Head of our Commercial, Class Action and Insolvency Litigation Department, will represent our firm in the meeting. His lecture will focus on the challenges and legal risks faced by directors and officers in extreme and crisis situations.
While the Board of Directors has a variety of ready tools at its disposal for examination, analysis and informed decision-making under normal circumstances, all of the Board’s auxiliary mechanisms are in turmoil in times of crisis: the Board cannot know for sure whether the information before it is correct or reliable; Question marks and uncertainty are more numerous than usual and increase the risk in any decision; The supporting systems within the company enter a state of defensive conduct for fear of legal or managerial exposure.
How should the Board act in such situations? What are the anchors upon which it can rely? What are the guidelines for its activities in times of crisis and how are they different from routine times?