Relocation to the USA – Everything a Hi-Tech Legal Advisor Needs to Know

12 September, 2022

With the increase in investments in Israeli hi-tech and the opening of the skies after the Covid-19 crisis, the demands on behalf of Israeli companies operating in the American market to integrate managers and key employees to work in the USA have increased.
Legal advisors required to advise on the issue at various stages of company life need to understand, in a short time, the complex manner of dealing with the immigration authorities in the USA. In this webinar, these processes will be discussed and explained and any questions that remain will be answered.

We will discuss:

Relocation visas – common legal issues, the effective routes and the pitfalls
The difference between a business visit and a work visit in the USA
Sponsoring an employee for a green card – when it’s worth it and when it’s not
The delay in the exemption from visas for Israelis – tips and recommendations to promote obtaining a visa
Tax issues – disconnection of residency, options and withholding tax