Regulation for Advertisers and Advertising Agents – Webinar

02 June, 2021

Warming up on the sidelines
Adv. Boaz Sity, Partner, Industry and Regulation Department, Goldfarb Seligman

Developments, rulings and updates that you must know ahead of a summer of huge media events – the Olympics and the EuroLeague. What can be advertised around sporting events, and how? Lotteries, promotions, what legal obstacles to watch out for when advertising around sporting events, etc.

Do’s and don’ts in social
Adv. Amir Vang, Head of the Competition and Regulation Practice within the Industry and Regulation Department, Goldfarb Seligman

New rulings and regulations in social media advertising. How to beware of exposure and pitfalls when using influencers, where does the advertiser’s responsibility for product promotion begin and end and more.