Dual-Use Export – Licensing, Enforcement and Supervision

07 November, 2022

In recent years, the awareness and supervision in the US has been tightened when it comes to dual-use products, mainly in light of the trade war with China and the demand to stop the transfer of knowledge to that region.

The American government’s export regulation policy states that it is valid worldwide and for every American citizen in particular. The regulation in the export field is very detailed in the definition of technologies and items (ITAR/EAR), as well as in the list of entities with which it is forbidden to trade.

Israeli exporters and companies, who are not aware of the issue, may fail against the regulation in the USA. The failure may be before the purchase of items made in the USA or in the activity after it, in both situations the responsibility in the American view is on all those involved.

At the meeting we will present updates concerning dual-use exports, the presentation of the essential instructions, the procedure, Ministry of Economy licenses, exporter’s affidavit, current trends and more.