Customs, Import, Export and International Trade Law

The business activity of many companies and entities is affected by international trade laws. The correct management and treatment of issues relating to import taxes, regulation and supervision of import and export, and of international transport, enable companies to navigate their business path among the various levies and regulations of this field.

Goldfarb Seligman is one of Israel’s leading and experienced law firms in the provision of complex legal services in these fields. The extensive knowledge and many years of experience place the firm at the forefront of these fields in Israel.

The firm’s legal teams advise Israeli and foreign clients on a wide array of matters:

  • Customs Law – the firm’s attorneys advise clients on an array of issues relating to customs law, including the classification of goods, the valuation of goods, importer’s declarations, rules of origin, various customs processes – drawback, temporary entry, conditional exemption, returned export, tariff quota, the cancelation and reduce of customs, issues of secretarial files, matters relating to bond warehouses, matters relating to customs agents and international forwarders, and more. The attorneys provide clients with ongoing legal consulting on these matters, as well as obtaining rulings from the Customs Authority; conducting internal auditing in companies in order to identify potential for the retrieving taxes and to identify defects and civil and criminal exposures; handling requests for voluntary disclosure; handling retroactive demands for payment of tax deficits; handling requests for the cancellation of monetary ransom and fines; and representation before the customs authorities regarding all matters relating to customs investigations (intelligence, drug and import control department). The attorneys possess ongoing work relations with the various customs entities, in the custom houses and in the customs’ management, which enables them to achieve effective, creative and swift solutions for the firm’s clients.


  • Trade Remedies – the firm’s attorneys represent domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturers and Israeli importers in complaints against foreign imports which are priced below fair market value and requests for anti-dumping duties. In addition, the attorneys provide ongoing legal consulting to Israeli manufacturers, as part of inquiry proceedings held overseas.


  • The World Trade Organization and Free Trade Areas – the firm’s attorneys advise clients, exporters and importers, on matters relating to rules of origin of trade agreements, both as part of pre-planning and as part of verification proceedings before the customs authorities in Israel and abroad. In addition, the attorneys provide legal consulting regarding the World Trade Organization, and utilize legal arguments from this field, such as reciprocity in international trade, the hindering of import and export restrictions, the prohibition of discrimination, the prohibition of imposing customs and their equivalent measures, and more, for the advancement of the interests of the firm’s clients.


  • Import and Export Supervision – the firm possesses extensive knowledge regarding the regulation of import to Israel and export overseas. The attorneys provide individual consulting to the firm’s clients regarding various regulatory issues, including the obtainment of import and export permits from government ministries, obtaining standardization approvals, and correct conduct under export control regulations, including the export of dual purpose goods and defense exports. In addition, the attorneys represent the firm’s clients in administrative proceedings, before the Import Committee of the Israel Ministry of Economy and other entities, in matters such as fines for not presenting import approvals, inclusion in the ‘importer breach of trust’ category, and more. The attorneys advise clients through all stages of the process in order to achieve optimal results under the relevant circumstances.


  • Maritime Law, Aviation Law and International Forwarding – the firm’s attorneys possess extensive expertise and experience in the fields of maritime law, aviation law and international forwarding. The attorneys represent importers, exporters, forwards and insurers in disputes and claims regarding cargo damages, ship chartering, and other matters. In addition, the attorneys provide legal consulting to various companies regarding agreements for the provision of logistics services, and advise various companies in tender proceedings relating to shipping and international logistics services.


  • Litigation – the firm’s attorneys possess a wealth of experience in the representation of clients before courts of law and various tribunals, in matters relating to customs and the supervision of import and export. The attorneys operate in collaboration with the legal teams of the firm’s corporate litigation department. The integrative consulting, alongside the extensive expertise and experience in the field, enable the attorneys to strive to resolve the dispute in the shortest amount of time, while utilizing the most effective and creative legal tools.

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