Businesses in Crisis – Tools, Advice and Steps for Dealing with Suppliers/Customers Facing an Economic Crisis | in collaboration with ACC Israel

27 March, 2023

In recent months we have witnessed an alarming trend of an increase in the number of businesses running into financial difficulties. This trend has effects that go beyond the businesses themselves, and can also affect companies in the second circle – suppliers and customers.

We invite you to a practical webinar that will focus on the companies in the second circle – how do you deal with a situation where your suppliers or customers run into difficulties?
As part of the webinar, we will offer tips for examining the financial stability of your customers/suppliers (both at the business level and at the level of corporate governance); Advice on what to do and when; clarify basic concepts and terms of the procedures and priorities between the creditors; and will end with advice on how and what is right to do as part of court insolvency proceedings.