Goldfarb Seligman, one of Israel’s largest law firms, is among the elite group of full service firms that deliver a broad array of top-tier legal services at international standards.

The firm has 14 separate departments active in numerous areas of practice, including corporate law and commercial law; capital markets in Israel and abroad; mergers and acquisitions; commercial, corporate (including class actions and derivative actions) and criminal (“white collar”) litigation; real estate; tax; industry; infrastructure; finance; banking; antitrust and competition; planning and construction; energy; regulation; hi-tech; investment funds; labor law and relocation; insurance and risk management; environmental law and sustainability; intellectual property; administrative law; libel; insolvency; alternate dispute resolution; and more.

Our internship method is a “departmental pool” – each intern is assigned to a department and works with all of the department’s attorneys.

For interns, we are seeking diligent, inquisitive, ‘out of the box’ thinkers who work well in a team. From the first interview, we adopt a forward-looking approach, examining how well the candidates may integrate as future associates and partners within the firm.

In Goldfarb Seligman, we work in a close knit, team environment with mutual support and a sense of home. We share common values and above all – we are friends.

We seek the best of the best, not only as lawyers but first and foremost as human beings, team players and friends.


For additional information on internship in our firm, click here (in Hebrew).

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