Our firm possesses extensive experience in advising and representing industrial corporations from all segments of the market, and our expert attorneys are familiar with the business environment and complex legal challenges these companies face.

Our industry clients benefit from a broad range of high-quality legal services, encompassing all aspects of the client’s activity in Israel and abroad, tailored to the unique challenges faced by industrial corporations.

Our legal teams advise clients throughout their ongoing commercial activity; advise on various commercial agreements, capital raising and financing, as well as mergers and acquisitions; represent clients in a variety of litigation proceedings; assist in obtaining a range of approvals, permits and licenses from regulatory authorities; are involved in hearings held by government ministries and regulatory authorities regarding regulatory changes in different segments of the market; advise on the establishment of factories, including the purchase and transfer of equipment; build and integrate internal compliance programs; advise on intellectual property matters; and more.

Among our clients in the field are some of Israel’s leading corporations, active in a broad variety of fields, including food and beverages, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, manufacture and more.