Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Our firm is among the leading and most experienced law firms in Israel in the insurance and enterprise risk management domains. The attorneys’ long years of experience, alongside their economic understanding and extensive knowledge of insurance laws and regulations, position the firm as a market leader in providing comprehensive legal services for companies from various industries.

The firm possesses significant expertise in the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) domain, providing counsel based on international best practices and methodologies for mapping the client’s exposures, managing strategic, operational, financial and regulatory risks, and forming ERM programs. In this capacity, our attorneys provide ongoing counsel to clients in implementing a Risk Management program. Our legal teams advise companies’ senior management regarding the identification, mapping and prioritization of risks; and regarding the formation of infrastructure for monitoring, reporting and managing these risks. In addition, our attorneys advise companies’ senior management, audit committee and board of directors throughout the implementation of the enterprise risk management program and processes.