Corporate Recovery

Our attorneys and CPAs possess unique expertise in providing ongoing counsel to corporations and individuals in corporate recovery and economic rehabilitation proceedings. Our professional teams advise clients throughout the entire recovery process, while providing comprehensive legal-commercial-strategic counsel in various fields, including corporate law, capital markets, insolvency, taxation, employee rights, corporate governance, litigation and more. The firm’s extensive experience in the field enables us to offer comprehensive and creative services, covering corporate recovery, commercial and legal aspects at any stage of the recovery process and at various levels of complexity.

In this capacity, our attorneys and CPAs perform a Financial Statement Analysis for the company, weighing various data such as cash flow, bank and non-bank credit, tax liability, financial and commercial commitments, business forecasts and more. Our professional teams tailor rehabilitation and recovery plans to each company according to its unique analysis, while examining financing aspects, streamlining options and company operations.

In addition, our attorneys and CPAs are appointed by the court to various positions related to proceedings requiring the continued operation of the company as a “Going Concern”, including trustees for companies under stay of proceedings; trustees for the implementation of creditor agreements and debt guarantors; and special managers in various legal proceedings. In this capacity, our professional teams provide ongoing counsel throughout the implementation of the recovery plans, providing operational and financial counsel as well as implementing various legal tools in order to attain the rehabilitation and recovery of the companies and preserve their commercial activity. Our firm possesses a significant reputation in the field, and our professional teams are often called upon to advise court appointed officials.