Antitrust Services for International Corporations

The firm possesses extensive experience and unique expertise in advising and representing multinational corporations regarding their activities in Israel, specifically with regard to antitrust and competition matters. Among others, our attorneys advise Fortune-500 corporations regarding merger notification rules in Israel (including submitting merger notices in Israel and providing ongoing counsel throughout the process, until obtaining merger approval); the effect of the Law for Promoting Competition and Reducing Concentration 2013 (the “Concentration Law”) on acquisitions in Israel; domestic enforcement (public and private) vis-à-vis foreign companies; and the Promotion of Competition in the Food Sector Law, 2014 (the “Food Law”).

Our legal teams regularly advise international companies regarding antitrust and competition matters related to complex M&A transactions, including analyzing the nature of the transaction in relation to merger notices in foreign jurisdictions, as well as represent multinational corporations before Israeli authorities and courts.