Representation of Directors and Officers in Insolvency Proceedings

The firm possesses extensive experience in representing senior officers in various legal proceedings related to liquidation, receivership, insolvency and debt settlements, including high profile, complex and sensitive proceedings. Our professional teams represent clients in a variety of proceedings, such as class actions, derivative actions, debt settlements, enforcement proceedings, shareholder and debenture holder disputes, and more.

In this capacity, the firm represents directors and executives in legal proceedings stemming from insolvency proceedings. This includes advising the board of directors as the decision-making entity in relation to these matters, and representing the board of directors, as a single entity or as individuals, in personal claims, in investigations (under clauses 373 and 374 of the Companies Ordinance), and in personal claims brought against company executives as part of these proceedings.

In addition, the firm possesses unique expertise and experience in representing directors and executives of international corporations in cross border proceedings stemming from insolvency, which are held simultaneously in several separate jurisdictions.