Zvi Hauser

Zvi Hauser

Special Counsel

Former Cabinet Secretary of the State of Israel (2009-2013), Adv. Zvi Hauser, serves as special counsel in the firm, and has extensive experience in the fields of government, communication, media and broadcasting.

Adv. Hauser possesses significant experience in the telecom and media sector. He was deeply involved in the communications market in Israel throughout the years, and was one of the key players in enhancing competition in the Israeli communications market and expanding broadcasting services in Israel. In this capacity, Adv. Hauser served in numerous key positions over the years, including Senior Professional Counsel to the Minister of Communications; Coordinator of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Enhancing Competition in the Telecommunications Market; Coordinator for the Ministry of Communications for Increasing Competition in the Broadcasting Market; Member of the Public Committee for Expanding Broadcasting Services in the State of Israel; Member of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Regulating National Radio Broadcasting; Chairman of the Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting Council; Chairman of the Broadcasting Regulatory Administration; Chairman of the Israeli Rating Committee; and Member of the Public Committee for Examining the Future of Israeli Educational Television.

Alongside his professional activities, Adv. Hauser was one of the founders of the 'Israel News' Company, which served as Channel 10's news company during the broadcast station’s embryonic years. From 2004 to 2009, he served as the director for the Dori Media Group.

In April 2009, upon the establishment of the 32nd government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Adv. Hauser was appointed as Israel's 17th Cabinet Secretary and served in that position until 2013. He simultaneously served as the Secretary of The Ministers Committee on Security Affairs ('The Political-Security Cabinet'). Adv. Hauser was also the Acting (when required) Director General of the Prime Minister Office, and served as the Cabinet's spokesperson.

After resigning from his public duties, Adv. Hauser returned to the private sector - to Goldfarb Seligman & Co. Law Offices. In this capacity, he advises some of Israel's largest companies and corporations, and represents foreign entities in their activities in Israel. Adv. Hauser also provides counsel to companies in crisis.

In October 2013, Adv. Hauser joined the academic staff of the Hebrew University’s School of Public Policy and Government, where he teaches students pursuing their masters. In January 2014, he became the Chairman of the Alumni Organization of Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Law, and as of 2015 he serves as the Chairman of The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.


LL.B. (cum laude), Tel Aviv University, 1995

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association, 1996