Goldfarb Seligman's Tax and Executive Compensation Department possesses extensive experience and expertise in a wide array of domestic and international tax issues, and provides the firm's clients, companies and individuals, with business and strategic planning, while providing creative solutions which suit the evolving regulatory path. 


The department has an integral part in the firm's practice relating to corporate and commercial transactions, and its attorneys advise on some of the largest transactions within the Israeli market and worldwide. The extensive knowledge accumulated in the department, together with the ongoing advising on transactions, places the department at the forefront of the tax law field. In addition, the department's team provides clients with ongoing advice and tax planning, and represents clients before the Israel Tax Authority and Israel's other various government authorities.


The department's legal teams advise on a wide array of activities, including:

  • Corporate law and complex transactions - the taxation of domestic and international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, continuous tax planning for companies, partnerships and other corporations, capital market taxation, insolvency taxation, and more.
  • Real Estate taxation - taxation of complex real estate transactions, taxation of acquisition groups, contractors, developers and real estate organizations, urban renewal taxation, and more.
  • Taxation of individuals - tax planning for high net worth individuals and families, in particular handling domestic and foreign trust funds and intergenerational capital transfers, voluntary disclosure of undeclared capital.
  • VAT - handling domestic and international VAT issues. 
  • Energy taxation - advising entrepreneurs and companies operating in the energy field.
  • Tax litigation - advising on various tax issues, including income tax, land taxation, VAT and more, all in collaboration with our firm's litigation department's legal teams. 


Among the department's clients are the world's largest corporations which operate in the Israeli market; Israel's largest companies, corporations and concerns; leading executives and businessman; and start-up investors and companies.