Regulation and Competition


The firm's Regulation and Competition Department provides strategic consulting in the various fields of economic regulation.

The department's attorneys identify existing or desired regulatory actions, advise clients in regards to the regulatory implications affecting their businesses, and represent them before the relevant regulatory entities, thus protecting the client's interests in the early stages of the regulatory process. This includes constant analysis of legislative procedures, government decisions, hearings regarding the economic regulation field, and prompt detection of regulatory actions which are likely to affect existing or potential clients. Alongside this, the department's attorneys advise on economic regulation issues arising from administrative or civil proceedings, as well as from class actions.


In addition, the department's legal team advises clients on transactions and tenders, competition aspects, as well as on activities relating to monopolies, restrictive agreements and mergers. The department's attorneys advise on antitrust matters arising from transactions which require statutory approval of the General Director of the Israel Antitrust Authority (Mergers and Restrictive Agreements), and also advise on licensing and other agreements.


The department's legal teams represent clients in various proceedings before the Israel Antitrust Authority and before the various government authorities and committees, as well as in civil proceedings in claims under the Antitrust Law. The department provides continuous antitrust consulting and representation to Israel's largest and leading companies involved in M&A transactions, in requests regarding restrictive agreements or monopoly claims and in inquires by the Israel Antitrust Authority.


The collaboration between the Regulation and Competition Department and the firm's other various departments enables the firm to provide its clients, which include the largest companies in the Israeli market, with swift, dedicated, efficient and professional legal services which are based on extensive knowledge, experience and expertise.


The department also provides comprehensive legal consulting regarding Israeli Antitrust Law to multinational companies which operate in Israel and abroad, and to a number of international law firms. In addition, the firm's attorneys advise Israeli companies involved in international transactions which are subjected to examination and approval of foreign antitrust authorities, regarding all aspects of the competitive regulatory process abroad.