Real Estate Investments Overseas


The firm possesses extensive expertise and experience in the real estate investments field, in Israel and abroad- and particularly in the U.S.


The firm's attorneys have accumulated a unique expertise in the consulting of companies, investment funds and individuals desiring to invest in real estate properties, and particularly accumulated a designated expertise relating to complex real estate financing transactions. The attorneys provide ongoing legal consulting to financing entities, draft the financing agreements, and collaborate with domestic and foreign experts in relation to the financing agreement. In recent years, the firm has led complex real estate financing transactions totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.


In addition, the legal teams advise clients on raising capital from investors for the execution of investments; on Israeli tax planning; on tax planning in the country where the investment takes place while locating local tax experts; on the drafting of investment agreements; on collaborations with local investors; and on the establishment of local corporations in order to hold the real estate properties.


The attorneys who advise on these investments are accompanied by the firm's experts in the various practices, including international transactions, taxation, financing, capital markets, corporate governance, and more.