Planning and Construction


The firm's Real Estate Department possesses extensive experience and expertise in the field of planning and construction, including the advancement of Israel's largest infrastructure and construction projects. The department possesses an encompassing planning-financial outlook, acquired through its many years of representation of infrastructure entities' including private entities, entrepreneurs, contractors, land rights owners, and companies in the communications and energy fields.


The department's attorneys represent clients in all types of administrative and judicial proceedings for the approval of master plans, licensing proceedings, objections, legal proceedings in appeal committees and courts of law (administrative claims and petitions to Israel's High Court of Justice) and in criminal proceedings in the planning, construction and licensing fields. 

The department's wealth of experience has led to significant achievements and considerable savings for its clients, in all aspects regarding their representation in legal proceedings relating to betterment tax, property tax, and development fees.


In addition, the department possesses unique expertise regarding land expropriation proceedings, including land exchange transactions, and is one of Israel's leading departments in relation to expropriation compensation claims and claims for loss of value due to administrative action.


The department's attorneys have advised on the legislative proceedings of the Planning and Construction Law reform. This included representation in parliamentary committees, representation before the various government authorities (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Transport).


The department is regarded as one of the leading departments in the planning and construction field in Israel. This reputation is a result of the essence and scale of projects handled by the department, among them infrastructure and real estate projects, and of the experience accumulated through the comprehensive advising of these projects, from the planning stages to the licensing and construction stages.